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From the Desk of Tony Laidig

RE: Finding Proven Content for Your Next Project

If you've been involved with Internet marketing for very long, you've no doubt noticed that everything is either being "launched," "exposed" or it's "dead." These fads can be fun and even effective ...for a while. But looking at the big picture, there are a few foundational stones that will always remain, and the most important of these "stones" can be summed up with one, simple word:


Everyone needs some sort of information, including you! That will never change, and neither will basic human interests. Consider the following areas that are referred to as "evergreen" (meaning, these areas of interest are always alive):

  • Making money
  • Astrology and the occult
  • Health (herbs, botanical remedies, natural cures, etc.)
  • Cooking
  • Magic
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Handicrafts
  • Beauty
  • Sex
  • Psychology
  • Investing
  • Losing weight

There will always be interest in these areas. Marketing experts understand this, and they also know how to quickly tap into these markets. You see, they know something you may not. It's mostly still a secret to many, and this secret gives those who know it an edge...the same edge you want.

Walt Disney knew the secret...

Yanik Silver knows the secret...

Russell Brunson knows the secret...

Jim Edwards knows the secret...

Pat O'Bryan knows the secret...

And now...YOU can know the secret too!

Find Your Public Domain Content Today!

Tony Laidig’s book, The Public Domain Code Book, is a bona fide treasure map, guaranteed to lead you right to the mother lode of public domain riches.

Pat O’Bryan
“Your Portable Empire”

Do you want to know the secret?

The secret is simply's easier to create a product from
something that already exists rather than create it from scratch.

Now with this "secret" in mind, imagine having access to limitless wisdom... boundless beauty...and inexhaustible knowledge for any market you care to choose! And better still, imagine being given complete, undeniable permission to personally develop those "treasures" into any money-making opportunity you could imagine? ...FOR FREE!

No questions asked! No limitations! Talk about unlimited income potential!

What would an opportunity of THAT magnitude be worth to you? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands? PRICELESS?

Most people do not realize it, but when the copyright or patent expires on a creative work (book, work of art, etc.), anyone may freely use that work LEGALLY in any manner they choose without the obligation of paying royalties to the creator of the work.
This is HUGE's like legalized stealing except that it IS legal.

“Few books in the last 100 years have had the potential to influence as many lives as does The Public Domain Code Book by Tony Laidig. If you are interested in discovering the hidden gems from times gone past, this is the book for you.”

David L. Hancock
Founder, Morgan James Publishing

Just think of it...right now, waiting for you are:

Over 85 million books, many written by the greatest authors to have ever walked the earth.

The full rights to a private collection of art produced by the world's finest artists, illustrators and photographers.

The keys to a movie vault containing thousands of classics you know and love—all at your fingertips—from vintage movies to cartoons and documentaries.

Full, unhindered access to the millions of reports, books, videos and images produced by our government every year at a cost of millions.

ALL of it is waiting—hidden—like buried treasure...waiting to be discovered by someone with eyes to see the possibilies...the potential. This treasure is waiting for someone like YOU!


Are you ready for X-ray vision?


The Public Domain Code Book
Your ANSWER to Discovering the Hidden Treasures and Proven Content of the Public Domain.

The secret to success in ANY worthwhile venture lies with two things...

1. a good, reliable map that leads you down the right path, and

2. an expert guide to help you negotiate the terrain.

This e-book is BOTH! It is unlike anything else you've seen on the Public Domain. Invest in your OWN copy today!

Holy Cow!

Of all the incredible products available in this incredible information age, The Public Domain Code Book ranks among the most incredible. Not just a dry listing of information, but a practical, step-by-step instruction manual with graphics and illustrations so clear even my Cows can understand them.

The Public Domain Code Book is both the map and traveler's guide to a land where a pot of gold literally waits behind every bush just for the taking. Tony Laidig, The Public Domain Expert, has done a masterful job of showing you where those bushes are, how to get to them, and how to get the gold out, one crystal clear step at a time.

Oh, and there is a literal stash of cash in the book - crack the code and it's yours! This book actually is worth its weight in gold. Don't miss out on this. It's literally a map to free money. I've got my map and my book, and I'm taking my Cows with me.

(Rev. Spyder SpiritPainter Webb)
Sacred Cows: let your spirit laugh

Here's why...

The Public Domain Code Book reveals over 200 websites (with descriptions) that are just waiting to be explored by those with an eye to see the possibilities.

Do you realize the value of this?

The Marketing experts have...They know that using Public Domain resources is the fastest (and often the easiest) way to get up and running quickly with producing information products. They ALSO know that most people do not know about the Public Domain or are not taking advantage. Well, you know what they say..."Success Leaves Tracks."

Learn how you TOO can uncover Public Domain resources easily!

I've been involved in the Public Domain for four years and I thought I'd come across all the websites and links that would take me to these hidden treasures.

Not so!

I grabbed a copy of Tony Laidig's The Public Domain Code Book and found resource after resource. Many of which I had not come across before.

I use Public Domain material virtually on a daily basis, and Tony's book is right there beside me as I do my research.

Now I've found this gem of a book, I wouldn't be without it.

Peter Woodhead

Claim Your Copy NOW!

Check this out...

I reveal secret Publisher sites that offer Public Domain books that are already researched, scanned and reprinted. Pick the ones you want and place your order.

Easily find the type of sites you need with easy to use sections, including:
  • Book Collection Links
  • Publisher Links
  • Bookseller Links
  • Ephemera Links
  • Art / Photography Links
  • Video / Audio Links
  • Link Site Links
  • Book Search Engine Links
  • Government Links
  • Information Links
  • And more added at the last minute!
Discover special, highlighted features with website screenshots that direct you to the treasures hidden there.

Benefit from over 50 types of source materials available in the Public Domain. Yes there is much more to profit from in the Public Domain than just books!

Expand your treasure hunting adventure with over 20 offline strategies for finding Public Domain materials.

Find out the top 15 Niche Categories with suggestions on how to explode each one.

Amazing real world Case Studies on how individuals and companies are using Public Domain materials.

Learn how to effectively and easily search through the millions of U.S. Government Publications created each year.

Tips and tricks for setting up a successful Art Sales business using Public Domain photos and artwork.

Learn the Copyright basics, including how to perform copyright searches.

Discover how to avoid potential lawsuits by learning about important exceptions to the Copyright law.

Would you like a secret software tool that simplifies the Public Domain search process a hundredfold? I reveal it in The Public Domain Code Book!

This is not some little 50-page e-book put together in Microsoft Word.

This 160-page manual has been professionally designed and created by a seasoned graphic design artist. The book is even being used as an ongoing case study by New York publisher, Morgan James Publishing, to demonstrate the importance and power of Entrepreneurial Publishing.

This brand new e-book is a MASTER KEY to unlock the guru's Public Domain treasure vaults. I've been counseled by a couple well-respected leaders in developing information products that I would be crazy to sell this e-book for less than $197.
I agree with them...but I also want to make it available to as many people as possible.

So I am going to do something crazy...maybe even insane. I'm not going to sell the e-book for $197...not for $147. I'm going to offer this million-dollar e-book to you today for only $87.


And You'll Get Immediate Download Access to the Public Domain Code Book
and ALL the Bonuses, even if it's 4AM!

Remember...this isn't just a little e-book of rehashed material you've read before...this is a BRAND NEW 160+ page manual with well over 200 links to Public Domain websites along with valuable insights on how to use them effectively!

NOW...If the price were not ridiculous enough, let me tell you about the bonuses I've included with the e-book:

Bonus #1: Public Domain Power Grid

Plug into the limitless product creation power of the Public Domain, right now!The Public Domain Power Grid offers you the strategies and know-how you need to tap into the ongoing, power pumping success of prudct creation using Public Domain works. In Public Domain Power Grid, you will:

  • Learn the simple 4-step process for hitting a successful product grand-slam every time...
  • Discover the top three places to look online to uncover the best niche markets and the most popular trends...
  • Gain access to over 40 different product creation strategies using Public Domain works...
  • Benefit from my step-by step "lead you by the hand" case study for turning Public Domain content into valuable, ready-to sell products...
  • Understand the power of nostalgia and how it will help you create products that sell like crazy!
  • Take advantage of the best websites for on-demand product creation
  • And MUCH More!

Value: $97


Bonus #2: “How to Win in a Niche” Audio Course by Patric Chan and Stephen Pierce

This amazing audio course makes a perfect companion to The Public Domain Code Book! In it, Patric Chan persuades Steven Pierce, one of the most strategic business thinkers in the United States, to share marketing strategies that have made him millions of dollars.

Here are the questions Patric asked Stephen in "How To Win In A Niche" Audio Course:

Q1: What can I do to make sure that the internet niche I choose can be profitable?

Q2: How do I reach my targeted prospect online?

Q3: How do I monetize the niche market that I’m in or the one that I’ve found?

Q4: Give me the tips for joint venture marketing strategies in a niche market

Q5: How to minimize the cost of advertising in niche markets?

Q6: Should I consider a new niche market after I have one that is making money online?

Q7: If I want to double my income, should I try to sell two fold the volume of a $27 ebook or should I create another high end product?

When Stephen answers questions about niche marketing, he's not talking in theory...he's speaking from a position of practical business experience that even has the U.S. Governement taking notice...potentially to the tune of $350 million dollars. With this bonus, you get Stephen's profound business wisdom for much less!

I'm also going to include the "How to Win in a Niche" Audio Course Transcripts. That way you can print them out and refer to this valuable information ANY TIME.

Value: $97


Bonus #3: Public Domain Copyright Research Step-by-Step Worksheet

This Worksheet walks you through the process of verifying the copyright status of a book, magazine, newspaper or other written work in an easy-to-follow manner. This Guide is worth it's weight in GOLD!

Value: $27


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Tony Laidig
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PS - A hidden world of opportunity is about to be opened to you. Prepare yourself for a new addiction.

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